A Lawyer Who Understands Business Law

If there’s one constant in business, it’s the need to adapt to change. At the Law Firm of William E. Otto, we have the experience that you can rely on when navigating these uncertain moments.

Educating Businesses About Their Options

Many clients approach us with ideas about where their business is headed. After a consultation with us, they typically learn about more strategic ways to accomplish their original goals. This is why we view our attorney role to include educating business owners about their legal options.

Providing Comprehensive Business Solutions

Our comprehensive business law practice provides solutions to businesses in all stages of their operations, from entity selection through ongoing corporate counseling about matters such as contractual disputes and smart business transactions informed by our due diligence. We are experienced with drafting minutes and bylaws, negotiating commercial leases for your business operations, and protecting your contractual relations with vendors. There may be assets that require the legal protections offered by only certain business forms. There may be a need to revisit equity and capital discussions. Even commercial real estate issues may impact your course of action.

Utilizing The Most Recent Legal Developments

We also stay up-to-date on the latest developments in business law. Certain business topics continually receive media attention such as the double taxation of corporations or the protections offered by limited liability companies. Yet that media coverage generally fails to include the complete picture. There may be legitimate business reasons why an owner needs the full protections offered by a corporation or why an LLC would not make the best fit.

Contact A Skilled Business Attorney

We will work with you and your financial professionals to get a complete picture of your corporate resources and liabilities. Together, we will develop the right course of action. Call 724-519-4211 and schedule a free consultation at our Murrysville office today. You may also contact us online. We require appointments for all consultations.