Comprehensive Corporate Counsel Services

Choosing a business form is really only the beginning. At this firm, we earn your trust. In fact, that foundation is one reason why many clients continue to rely on us for their corporate counsel needs. From due diligence to business litigation, we offer comprehensive representation in business law.

Pursuing Cost-Effective Resolutions

One advantage to using our services for ongoing legal consultations is our approachability. When an outside attorney is retained, people naturally fear legal costs. We have 40-plus years of experience in business law, and our satisfied clients result in a high percentage of referrals. In all of our dealings, we strive for professionalism and accountability, whether we are negotiating with third parties or privately advising legal strategy.

Maintaining Strong Professional Relationships

Another benefit of retaining our corporate counsel services is that we have an established working relationship with you. That trust builds expectations of fairness and efficiency. Consequently, if an informal inquiry into a company matter requires interviews with shareholders, employees, vendors, your human resources department or co-owners, there is a greater chance that everyone may expect we will perform our investigation on a neutral basis.

Proposing Creative Solutions

We have the experience to propose creative solutions to your company such as reorganizations. We have restructured business organizations formed in one state to different structures in different states. We can also assist shareholders in regaining corporate control to avoid corporate waste.

Contact A Trusted Business Law Attorney

Take advantage of our 40-plus years of business and commercial experience today. Schedule a free consultation at our Murrysville office. You may contact us online, or call the Law Firm of William E. Otto. We require appointments for all consultations.