Before you take that commercial property, make sure it’s zoned right for your business

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One of the mistakes that new business owners sometimes make is that they forget to check the local regulations and zoning ordinances before buying a new property. They just find a building that will work and that is for sale, and they assume that they’re allowed to do as they please on their own property. 

This may feel natural and normal, but it is not how the law works. The reality is that the government divides different areas of real estate into specific zones that are defined by their use, and you can only run a company that fits within those regulations. You may have far less freedom to “do you as you please” than you assumed. If you already bought the building and poured a lot of money into renovations, it can be a very costly mistake to find out that you’re not allowed to open your doors. 

Are there any exceptions to zoning?

Say you already own a building or you have found a perfect location that you now know is not in the right zone for your operation: Will the government make an exception for you?

They certainly do not have to, but they may. Maybe you bought a property in a commercial zone, but it is zoned for retail and you want to run a shipping and warehousing business. You can ask for a zoning variance. This can also be done if you’re in the wrong zone entirely, such as a commercial or residential zone. If the zoning board agrees with you that it won’t be a problem to have your business there, they can issue you a legal variance. 

What’s the wisest thing to do when you’re trying to start a business?

Starting a company can get complicated. To avoid mistakes and unnecessary costs that could put your company’s future in danger, be sure you know what steps to take throughout the process. An experienced business law attorney can help.