Hiring employees? It’s time for an employee handbook

On Behalf of | Apr 7, 2020 | Legal Services |

When you started your company, you didn’t ever imagine you’d get to a point where you needed employees. You were such a small business at the time that you barely had enough clients for yourself. Today, you need at least three employees to keep up.

Before you get started with hiring, you may want to sit down to talk to your attorney about drafting a solid employee handbook. Your employee handbook can have all kinds of business and legal information ranging from how you’ll handle violations of the code of conduct to how employee resignation or termination has to happen.

Employee handbooks are great for a few reasons. First, they let your employees know what to expect. Second, they give a solid place to look to for workplace policies, benefits and perks of the job. You can go over employment basics, like the requirement to wear a uniform or to be dressed a certain way when meeting clients. Policies and procedures, rules and more can all be kept in one easy-to-browse place.

How can you put together an employee handbook?

Before you hire anyone, talk to your attorney about putting together an employee handbook. They can help you by drafting a basic employee handbook that does not violate any employment laws or regulations.

While talking with your attorney, you can discuss the requirements you want, such as including a section about a company uniform or what happens when someone is late or can’t come into work. Being able to work through your policies now and having them in employee handbooks means that you’ll be more consistent in the future, which is better for everyone involved.