Representation And Guidance For Homeowners Associations

Overseeing the needs of a homeowners association (HOA) can feel overwhelming, especially when legal matters are involved. When your actions can affect the stability and security of your neighborhood, you want to be sure that you are protecting the best interests of your association. Having an experienced HOA attorney at your side can help you achieve that goal.

At Law Firm of William E. Otto, we have more than 40 years of legal experience, which we put to work for the people of Pennsylvania. From our office in Murrysville, you can find skilled and personalized representation for your HOA needs.

How We Can Help

We offer many services that can benefit an HOA by protecting their needs and upholding their values. We can help with matters such as:

  • Drafting and revising documents
  • Reviewing and verifying rules and regulations
  • Collecting past-due assessments
  • Settling disputes between any homeowners and the HOA
  • Offering valuable legal advice
  • Litigating any claims like construction defects
  • Condominium conversion
  • Harassment restraining order guidance
  • Training for boards of directors

We know that every homeowners association has unique needs, which is why we make sure we are representing those needs instead of treating a client like just another case in our file cabinet. Our experience working with major HOAs in the area can act as a major asset for you when we help your own unique needs. From resolving conflicts to enforcing contracts, we can help defend your HOA’s values. We have dealt with countless questions about formations, fee disputes and ordinance compliance.

Learn More About How We Can Help Your HOA

If you are ready to meet with our experienced and committed staff, contact us today. Call us at 724-519-4211, or email us here to schedule your first consultation and take the first step in getting the legal services your homeowners association needs.