Navigating Complex Legal Issues Related To Condos And Planned Communities

As in business matters, a proactive approach to disputes in condominium and planned communities goes a long way. Although court filing offers certain protections, it also imposes a court schedule. Parties who are able to negotiate a settlement outside of court often save both time and money. At Law Firm of William E. Otto, our firm helps clients with legal matters related to HOAs, condo owners and planned communities.

Advising Your HOA

We offer legal services in disputes involving condominiums and planned communities. Whatever problem you are experiencing, we are here to help and offer advice.

Protecting Your Rights

Disagreements may arise among members about the terms of their homeowners’ associations. We bring 40-plus years of experience to the task of interpreting the contractual rights of resident owners versus investment owners. Another issue arises when unit owners simply do not pay their HOA dues. One common issue involves an association that limits rental units. The resolution to these issues depends on the unique circumstances of each community.

Preparing For The Unexpected

Unexpected liabilities may also surface in the planning stages before a development is completed. For one client, the units in a planned community predated the discovery of deep well natural gas on the property. Consequently, questions arose concerning the ownership of the oil and gas rights between the association and the developer. We guided the association through the process of obtaining the oil and gas rights to the common areas from the developer. All of this was accomplished in a nonconfrontational environment that preserved the association’s relationship with the developer. It also resulted in a more rapid resolution than litigation could have, at a far lesser expense. In another situation, a developer encountered unanticipated barriers from municipal authorities over matters of zoning and environmental compliance.

Get Answers To Your Commercial Real Estate Questions

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