How many members do you need to form an LLC in Pennsylvania?

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There is a broad range of factors that you need to consider when determining what structure to use when forming a new business in Pennsylvania. A limited liability corporation or LLC is a popular choice in part because of the protections they can offer to someone starting a new business.

An LLC offers separation from you as the founder or owner of the business and the business itself when it comes to liabilities such as claims by creditors or civil action by customers or workers who believe they have a claim against the company.

However, it is a complex process. One of the first steps you will need to take will be to determine who will serve as a member of your LLC. Knowing how many members you must have can make it easier to select people to fill those roles.

Pennsylvania law makes forming an LLC accessible to many

Unlike more complex corporate entities, an LLC does not require multiple members and a large board that oversees its actions. Pennsylvania law allows someone to create an LLC with a sole member, meaning the state only requires one person to serve as owner and member of an LLC formed in Pennsylvania.

That means that you have the legal option of being the sole member of your LLC. However, depending on various circumstances, adding additional members to your LLC could benefit you and the business as well. Making decisions about the structure and size of your business early on will make it easier for you to manage the process of business formation.