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Protecting your business with cybersecurity

If you own a company, it’s likely you are conducting your business online. You might think your company is small enough it wouldn’t be the receiver of a cyber attack. A study by Nationwide Insurance reported that 41% of businesses think attacks mostly happen to larger businesses. However the same study found that almost 50% of small businesses have been victims of attacks. The following are a number of ways you can protect your company using cybersecurity.

Managing security

The most common form of fraud in America is now the theft of digital information. Taking it upon yourself or asking one of your employees to help with managing your security can help ensure your company’s safety. Areas of focus could be monitoring your data, protecting your privacy and keeping an eye out for attacks. There are multiple steps towards securing your business’s safety.

Preparing your employees for best safety practices

It’s important that your employees are aware of your cyber security plan. Making sure that no one employee has access to all of your data can prevent a major breach. Giving your employees access to only the data they need for their jobs helps maintain your company’s safety.

Establishing policies and security practices for your employees will keep everyone on the same page. Creating internet use guidelines and preventing people from installing software without permission will help your company avoid unsafe situations.

Securing your internet connection

A firewall is a great way to protect your business. It’s a security device that prevents those outside the network from having access to your data. There are a variety of firewalls to choose from with some free options also available. If one of your employees is going to work from home, make sure they have a firewall system set up on their computer.

Protecting your Wi-Fi network is another useful step. Setting your wireless network so the network’s name is hidden can keep your Wi-Fi safe. Also creating a strong password to your network will help keep things secure.

You may think your business isn’t a likely target for a cyber attack. It’s still useful to make steps to protect the business you’ve worked so hard for.

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